August 11, 2019

6 Things You Need to Know About Undermount Kitchen Sinks

Planning to renovation your kitchen can be a stressful task if not done properly. Which is why you should refer to the guides which can help you to make the best choices for picking up the best appliances and components for your home. The undermount kitchen sinks are the trending alternative to the traditional drop-in installation because of several benefits it can offer. Read about why you need an undermount sink in your next renovation on and to pick the best stainless steel undermount sink, view here.

Cleaner and better look

Having an undermount sink can provide a neat finish to your kitchen. It makes the surface of the slab much classier and add to the looks of the kitchen, making it look more expensive. With built-in looks, it offers a modern design setting both home and industrial purposes.

Countertop compatibility

Countertop compatibility

As there are no pop-ups on the surface of the slab, the chances of dirt accumulation on the edges is likely less than other alternatives. It makes the entire surface look much cleaner. The drop-in sinks have been known to accumulate limescale, grease and dirt. In this case, everything dirty can be wiped into to sink and washed away.

More options

It is easy to install and need no visibility at all making it a much cleaner choice. You need to be careful while installing the sink and will need the help of a professional to do it for you. With drop-in sinks, you will have to worry about the space it takes on your kitchen slab and whether it gets in the way of other objects. You can also pick from a variety of sinks which you can get in granite, stainless steel, and also copper on this website It will add class to your kitchen and make it more neat and durable.


You can wipe off the food scraps, spilt water and crumbs directly into the sink with a clean cloth without worrying about getting it stuck on the corners.

It saves the other half of the space taken by a drop-in sink and provides a much better, minimalistic look to your kitchen.

With options in materials such as copper and steel, the undermount sink is much more durable. You cannot install a stainless steel drop-in sink in your kitchen and get away with it.


The undermount sinks are generally more expensive to purchase and install as it needs the carving of the granite slab in you kitchen. It can only work with weight-bearing and water-resistant materials, mostly marble but in some cases, also wood.

The condensation build-up under the sink can cause moulds.

The faucets need to be attached to walls or the countertop.

Price Range

Good quality undermount sinks can cost in the range of $250 to $800 in the market, and the choice for the costlier ones can depend on the whole renovation process and the theme. The cheaper ones are for quicker installations.


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