September 14, 2018

6 Benefits of Listening to Music

Music to most is considered a phenomenon that if missed would have catastrophic effects. Scientific research has shown and gone to prove the enormous effects that music can bring to one’s life. It is a well-known fact that music improves almost all human aspects. Here are some examples of how listening to music can enhance your life.

Lowers Stress and boosts Health

The music itself inarguably has some form of healing power that is effected either mentally or physically. Regardless of where one comes from all that does not matter as music has a significant effect on all of us. When you listen to music stress hormones are reduced which helps relieve the effects of chronic stress. It also is a well-known fact that music boosts the immune system even if one participates passively. So be sure to turn on your radio sometime and enjoy the beautiful beats.

Reduces Depression

Lots of folks around suffer some form of depression with most also having insomnia. Music has been known to elevate one’s moods significantly. Listening to all-time favorite hits help in lifting your spirits and helps one to crawl out from depression. Classical and meditative music according to research have been shown to lift spirits in almost everyone. It is proven that listening to classical music helps one sleep much better which is hard to achieve for depressive patients. The next time you need something to uplift your spirits be sure to get some music to perk you up. Check our article on coconut milk vs whole milk and how it affects depression. 

Improves memory

According to most reading while listening to certain music then taking an exam while listening to the same music can significantly enhance memory. It becomes easy and fast to recall things especially when positive songs are played. With regards to research, it has been tested and proven that also learning also takes place much better when music is involved. Additionally, when it comes to memorizing, the levels are substantially elevated. When it comes to landing those high scores music can do you wonders.

Reduces pain

“When music hits you the pain does not matter,” according to the famous Jamaican singer Bob Marley. In cancer patients, it has been observed that music reduces pain substantially more than most of the treatments given. Songs of the patient’s choosing or classic ones have also been known to reduce pain with intensive care patients. So people listen to the music you love, you can be confident that a part of you will feel much better.

Increases verbal intelligence

As words are to the mind so is music to the soul. It has been shown that children between the ages of four and six have noteworthy verbal intelligence after having taken a class in music. Music has some form of transfer effect that augments the child’s ability to grasp words and better explain their meaning. To give your child a head start try taking them to music lessons before class.

Keeps Your Brain Healthy in Old Age

Generally, older adults who have higher experience in the music industry scored more on cognitive tests. Learning and practicing an instrument for long periods builds connections in the brain that improves the mind. Music keeps you active regardless of age or your cultural background

The full extent of the benefits that come with music may never be understood. What is clear is that its effects are far beyond our comprehension.


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